Paris 2017 conference “Leading Change in a Disruptive Sharing Economy”… Programme details

The Paris 2017 event on Leading change in a disruptive sharing economy will be an interactive event during which leading experts will share a wide diversity of experiences and insights, and engage attendees in a dialogue about the wider implications for society and the economy. Visionary technologies and community concepts are reshaping business and personal lives. In […]

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Book…Activism by Mike Staresinic

Book…Activism by Mike Staresinic

Activism was published by Mike Staresinic in January 2011. On every continent, citizens brave jail and torture to win basic rights, provoke breakthrough, and achieve dignity. ACTIVISM answers the question, How does change operate? by capturing the wisdom of movements that break through. A decade in the making, with contributions from principled nonviolent movements around […]

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The Change Leaders Oxf16 conference SPREAD paper

The Change Leaders Oxf16 conference SPREAD paper

Influence, power, and change To download the SPREAD paper please click here

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