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 JULIE MOWINSKI: Chair of the Board 2016- , Event Director 2015-April 2016, Publishing Project Leader 2013-2014


Julie Mowinski is a communications professional, with broad global experience in the Information Technology sector – hardware, software, services and telecommunications. She has held roles in marketing, communications, and general management for companies in a number of different countries including Cisco, Software AG, Berg Electronics and Holland House. She has also been involved in acquisition negotiation, transformation, employee development, mentoring and inclusion & diversity. Having recently completed a Master’s degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change from the HEC business school in collaboration with the Saïd Business School at Oxford University, she is currently examining how to help companies capitalize on communication to drive successful change.

Julie produced tCL’s second book ‘Complexity Unravelled’. Find out more here.

RICK TORSETH: Treasurer 2016- , SPREAD Talks founder, Special projects, 2014-2016 , Programme Director, 2009-2013

rick_torsethRick began his consulting practice in 1993 with a focus on leaders and building their capacity to address complex change. Fundamental to his work is the belief that a leader’s capacity to impact the organization’s mission is such that any improvement in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, thinking capacity and competency will have a real impact on the organization’s results. The better the leader is at leading, the more effective the organization will be at executing strategy, being productive and making social change. His work is in both the private sector and with non-profits and foundations. His passion is helping people develop the skills and capacity to function in turbulent conditions. He has a MSc. from Oxford University and HEC of Paris in Consulting and Coaching for Change.

THEA HAZEL-STALS: Event Director, 2016- 

Thea Hazel-Stals graduated in adaptive change for sustainability. HeThea Hazel-Stals BnWr background is in consulting for a variety of businesses as well as in program management within the publishing and energy businesses. For the past six years she has been the director of a small Dutch NGO, aimed at improving youth financial capability, through co-creation with young people, online interaction and classroom workshops. This was a networked organization many volunteers, online communication and several conferences.


TOM MILLER: Event Director, 2016- 

Tom Miller is the Founder and President of SymbolistTom Miller BnW (  Symbolist develops and operates employee engagement initiatives for companies within the Fortune 1000.  Tom is also the Founder of The Lift Office (  The Lift Office is a co-working space dedicated to building a professional community of “people who work in the people space”.  He is the author of “Lift, a New Paradigm for Growing Influential Leaders” (  Tom graduated from Baylor University in 1983 and is a Cohort 5 graduate of Coaching and Consulting for Change.

 EAMON MULLIGAN: Communications Director, 2016- 

Eamon Mulligan is a senior transformation and ‘C’ level executive Eamon Mulliganwith over 25 years’ success in delivering significant transformation agendas in different organizations, in diverse markets, and with varying levels of organizational maturity. His career journey has spanned financial services, insurance, education, and telecommunications. Based in Asia Pacific, his roles have been focused on shaping and delivering leading edge customer centric capabilities and target operating models into a global business and customer base. An agnostic change agent, he assesses each change to determine the most effective interventions and methods. In his most recent ‘C’ level roles he was responsible for developing and delivering a target operating model focusing on automation, digitization, standardization, and transactional convenience. He is currently working with a range of clients across higher education and financial services leveraging his transformation and subject matter expertise.

SHEKHAR PULA: Membership Director, 2016- 

Shekhar currently leads the transformation of the procurement Shekhar Pula BnWfunction in a global IT firm. Prior to that, he held roles in Procurement, Operations, Sales and Marketing. Shekhar is an active contributor to non-profit initiatives and has helped found organizations.


LISA FRANCIS-JENNINGS: Special Projects, 2015- 

FrancisL_Photo - BW2Lisa is the co-owner and Managing Partner of StratAffect S.A. a management consulting firm specializing in helping organizations change their conversations.

Lisa has over 20 years of experience assisting clients in realizing their goals. Specializing in Organizational Transformation and Knowledge Transfer she leads change management initiatives, designs training and knowledge acquisition programs, and creates effective and sustainable interventions. She holds a joint MSc (Oxford & HEC), and certificates from institutions including the Rotman Institute for International Business and the Canadian Training and Development Group. Her ability to recognize the essential qualities of a situation, and her unique talent of connecting disparate pieces of information, defines her creative business solutions.

JULIA BECK: Reputation Director, 2016- 

Julia Beck is a strategy consultant, transformation coach and marketingJulia Beck expert, with a deep passion for customer experience as the core inspiration for change and growth. Her unusual combination of analytical and conceptional skills combined with empathy and communication expertise make her a sought after sparring partner for senior executives and their teams. She works from Germany with clients all over Europe and the world.  Julia has a background in management, where she held successful positions as Group Managing Director and CEO online media (1999-2002), as Principle Strategy Consultant with Gemini Consulting (1994-1999) and as Senior Brand Manager at Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Brands (1989 – 1994) in UK/Germany. Julia completed her schooling in the UK and Germany. Julia participated in the CCC cohort 2. and bore the first baby on the course. Her son Max is 10 years!



STEPHANIE GOBLE: Special Projects, 2016- 

Stephanie Goble graduated from CCC in 2015. She also has a doctorateStephanie Gobble BnW degree in leadership and strategy, along with a doctorate degree in law. She is currently Director and Corporate Counsel for a large nonprofit foundation. Dr. Goble currently serves on the board of a public education school for children, where she chairs the strategic planning committee. She further serves on the board of a private foundation dedicated to furthering education for adults throughout the world.  Dr. Goble holds a certification in auditing/fraud prevention, and two certifications in human resources. Her passion is facilitating change through inclusive collaboration and a new vision of education.



BERIT DAUGAARD-FREESE: tCL Greenhouse, 2015-

Berit Daugaard Freese is an independent consultant with Berit Profilfoto b&wextensive experience in leadership development, organizational development and change leadership. See

She currently works to establish a virtual greenhouse as a place to nurse, test and discuss members’ ideas that are yet to unfold or members’ projects that may seem ‘stranded’.

MASON DE CHOCHOR: Cohort Ambassadors, 2015- 

Mason de chochor - BW

Mason is a senior consultant at BonaVest Consulting which offers life coaching in Stress Relief and Burnout Prevention and Recovery. This practice draws from Mason’s 40 years of kundalini yoga training and 14 years of teaching. BonaVest also offers Revitalization Coaching based on the principles of Dynamic Energy Management. The consultancy also works with lawyers, accountants and auditors to help financial institutions become sustainable and face regulatory change.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Mason was a private banker with over 30 years of managerial and financial markets experience. He has held vice presidential appointments at several international banks and brokerage houses such as Bank of America, Coutts & Co. and  Daiwa. Mason holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy and an MSc. in Business and Change Management from HEC Paris and Oxford University. He is a Registered Representative of the New York Stock Exchange and a Registered Associated Person of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Currently, he is an active member of the Rotary club, the Oxbridge club, and Swiss Foundations. He is also a board member of the Wright Foundation which is dedicated to the advancement of education in Natural Sciences.



See former Board Directors & Project Leaders here

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