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The Change Leaders (“the Association”) has prioritized goals on behalf of all of its Members:

  • First, to promote and build Members’ businesses
  • Second, to help further Members’ personal development through continued learning
  • Third, to create an effective and useful community of practice network for Members

We believe this is possible given our common experience through CCC, and our desire to create an effective Community of Practice – the precise meaning of which will emerge as the association evolves.

Membership of the Association is open to all who have successfully completed the Oxford / HEC “Consulting and Coaching for Change” (CCC) program. Members will be required to agree to and use their best efforts to comply with this code of ethics and behaviour in all of their activities.

Honorary membership of the Association (waiving the requirement to complete the CCC program but subject to all other Membership requirements) is open uniquely to the directors of the CCC programme.

Business: The Association’s professional activities are designed to build Members’ business and personal development through voluntary referrals and learning activities. The aim is to synergistically add Client value to Members’ projects through broader skill sets and expertise than any one Member possesses alone. Business will always be contracted in the individual Member’s (or Member’s company’s) name – not in the name of “The Change Leaders”.  The Association is not a contracting party with Clients.

Personal development: It is the intention of the Association to continue the learning connection with the two parent institutions.  This may include periodic forums for Member learning, group activities, interaction with new CCC participants, and contact with the academic staff and their programs, as well as other activities as agreed by Members.

By agreeing to and signing this Code of Ethics and Behaviour, fulfilling subscription requirements and completing any other procedures or documentation as may be from time to time required, Members will:

  1. become full and equal Members of the Association, and
  2. agree to apply the Association’s principles in their individual professional practices.


We are focused on effective change management, and particularly its human face.


  • recognise  that change is  an  inherent  part  in  all  organizations,  whatever  their  objectives
  • recognise that lifelong learning is a professional obligation for Change Leaders
  • recognise  that  our  Members  can  contribute  to  each  other’s  learning and business development
  • fully respect the rights, responsibilities, values and feelings of all individuals with whom we work
  • operate  without  discrimination  in  respect  of  ethnicity,  gender,  sexual orientation, age and religion
  • fully respect the laws and regulations of the country in which we are operating
  • accurately describe all of our activities in our documents, accounts and other materials
  • reject bribery, and reject the falsification of taxation or other fiduciary controls
  • fully respect copyright and ownership of intellectual property, processes or proprietary know-how
  • will  not  initiate  attempts  to  attract projects  or  staff  from  other  Members or Clients
  • value fair, reliable business relationships with clients, suppliers and partners, and encourage those with whom we do business to share in our vision of responsible and ethical business practices
  • aspire to minimize our environmental impact and contribute positively to environmental and social sustainability
  • value our global cultural diversity, and commit to contributing value to the communities and societies in which we live and do business.


We will:

  • serve  our  Clients  with  integrity,  competence,  and  objectivity,  using  a professional approach at all times, and having their best interests as our priority
  • establish realistic expectations of the benefits and results of our services
  • treat all Client information that is not public knowledge as confidential;
  • prevent such confidential information from being accessed by unauthorized people and in no way take advantage of proprietary or privileged client information, either for use by ourselves,  our firm or another Client, without express permission
  • avoid  conflicts  of  interest,  or  the  appearance  of  such;  we  will  disclose     to  a Client any circumstances or  interests  that  might  influence or have the appearance of influencing our judgment  and objectivity
  • refrain  from  inviting  an  employee  of  an  active  or  inactive  Client to   consider employment with us or our respective associations without prior discussion with the Client.


We will:

  • only accept engagements in which we possess the expertise necessary to deliver effectively and achieve the agreed goals; and only assign staff with the requisite expertise  to client engagements
  • ensure  that  before  accepting  any  engagement,  a  mutual  understanding  of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements has been established
  • offer  to  withdraw  from  an engagement when our objectivity  or  integrity may be impaired


We will:

  • agree  in  advance  with  a  Client on  the  amount or basis for calculating fees  and  chargeable expenses;  and charge fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate and commensurate with the services and outcomes delivered and the responsibility accepted
  • disclose to our Clients in advance any fees or commissions that we receive for equipment, supplies or services we could recommend to our Clients


Members will:

  • contribute equally to the cost of maintaining accounts for the Association – for example, a website, trademark protection and other expenses as approved by the Members
  • be free  to use the logo on business cards and any other marketing materials as a supporting element, and never in such a way as to imply that the Change Leaders is the trading entity
  • be free to make presentations which include reference to our Membership in the Association, highlighting the synergistic capabilities and skills of the Association
  • not  enter  into consulting or coaching  contracts,  formal  or  informal,  in the name of the Change Leaders or on  the  Association’s behalf.


We will:

  • seek ways to develop best and leading edge practices in understanding and effective execution of change
  • use our best efforts to support each other’s learning goals, sharing freely
  • our own learning but subject to each Member’s discretion concerning his / her
  • intellectual property rights
  • respect the proprietary and intellectual property rights  of each Member in  all respects

May 10th 2010 version

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