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“Exploding Organisations” conference in Oxford – 20-22nd September – Agenda

Registration to the conference is reserved to members of the Change Leaders community of practice and CCC alumni; exceptionally this year we are opening the Saturday afternoon and evening to the CCC faculty and selected guests, in order to celebrate the 10 years of the CCC (time slots in green below).

We expect to post various excerpt of the conference on this site, starting with the SPREAD Talks (see 2012 performance here).

Conference location: Oxford SBS. We will move to various other locations on the afternoon and evenings of Friday and Saturday; if you plan to arrive late, check the agenda to know where to join.


Friday 20th September

9:00 – 9:30

Welcome and Program Review: “Exploding Organisations”
Cécile and Jane
Including consideration of contributions to the Idea Hack

9:30  – 12:30

margareta barchan

Margareta Barchan

Workshop: “Beyond the traditional organisation – stakeholders and sustainability”
Margaretha Barchan and team
A chance to try New Angles’ Springboard – a way of helping leaders to consider sustainability and the role of all stakeholders in business strategy, and how to solve some of the dilemmas this creates.

12:30  – 13:30


13:30  – 15:30

Peter Upton

Peter Upton

Workshop: “Defusing explosions? Lessons learned about cultural dynamics”
Peter Upton
Wisdom from the front line of change consulting from the leader of multi-million transformation and outsourcing programmes.  Case studies from BP and British Airports Authority and workshop session

15:30  – 16:00

Walk to Oxford Union

16:00  – 17:00

Open Window: Oxford Union visit
Tour of library and pre-Raphaelite murals by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Edward Burne-Jones, et al. plus talk.

18:30  – 20:00

Green Templeton College Observatory Reception with Marshall Young (dress-code: semi-formal)
Speaker to be agreed (GTC) – looking at the history of the Observatory and of business education in Oxford
(note: dinner on your own)


Saturday 21st September

9:00 – 9:15

Update and introducing the day
Themes from Friday, plan for Saturday and logistics for the evening

9:15  – 12:30

McKenna Chris

Chris McKenna

Presentation/Workshop: “Strategy lessons from business history for the ‘third industrial revolution'”
Chris McKenna
Talk and workshop from award-winning teacher and reader in Business History and Strategy at Said Business School

12:30 – 2:30

Lunch and tCL Book Presentation

14:30  – 16:00

Hosted by Rick Torseth, with Cecile Demailly, Dirk De Proos, Mason de Chochor, Sharon Wood, Cyril Legrand, Steve Johnson, Martin Thomas, Tom Miller

16:00 – 17:00

Break to get changed for evening celebration
(smart attire*)
Speakers for debate will have time to practice – coaching from Rachel and Oxford Union convener

17:00 – 18:00

Drinks Reception with Deans and Faculty
Celebration of 10 years of CCC

18:00  – 19:45

Debate: “This house proposes that in the next ten to fifteen years many large organizations as we now know them will no longer exist. External and internal forces such as technology, demographics, globalization, and other factors will “explode” organizations, splintering them into myriad forms and shapes and into individual free agents with various allegiances. Chaos will rule the organizational day.”  (dress-code: smart attire*)
Oxford Union Style debate
Debate Chair Martin Thomas tries heartily to manage a debate around the theme of our weekend. Debaters: Joanne Flinn, Mike Staresinic, Julie Mowinski, Susan Goldsworthy. Coaches: Denis Bourgeois, Rachel Amato, and others.

20:00  – 23:00

Celebratory Dinner at Malmaison Oxford, Oxford Castle (dress-code: smart attire*)
Formal dinner for alumni, faculty and guests


Sunday 22nd September

9:00 – 9:30

 Governance Update and Weekend Summary

9:30  – 10:00

Fishbowl w/ Tom Miller
Tom presents a consultant’s dilemma

10:00  – 10:15

Showcase: Jim Armstrong presents “Improving International Capacity Development”
Introducing Jim’s new book on developing resilient communities

10:15  – 10:30

Short Coffee/Tea Break

10:30  – 11:00

Quick news, views and updates from tCL members – contact Roberto to take part

11:00  – 11:45

Showcase: Joanne Flinn and the Book Team present: “New Eyes: the human side of change leadership”
Volume one of the tCL book!  Get your signed copy! Get a bulk rate discount for multiple copies!

11:45  – 12:15

Cécile and Cyril
Farewell and lead into Paris … PAR14!

12:15  – 13:30






  • SBS = Said Business School, West Wing – has its own separate entrance by the taxi rank and is a RIBA award winning design
  • GTC = Green Templeton College observatory common room – an elegant room on the first floor of the historic Radcliffe Observatory
  • Oxford Union = historic student debating society close to Said Business School with Victorian high Gothic revival library
  • Oxford Castle = now part of the award-winning Malmaison Hotel and a working prison until 1996. Our dinner will be held in the former Visitors’ Room, normally a bar and lounge but converted into a dining room for us (see picture below)

Modes of Learning

  • Presentation = standard mode
  • Workshop = interactive learning by doing
  • Open Window = usually a visit to see the innards of a process or work environment
  • Debate = we follow the Oxford Union style of argument and counter-argument
  • Showcase = the presentation of an artifact, e.g. a book
  • Fishbowl = members get to present and discuss a professional conundrum or issue
  • Open Mic = spoken Community Bulletin Board
  • SPREAD Talks = SPREAD is tCL dancing, experimenting and playing on the edge
    SPREAD is our voices married to our ideas on change
    SPREAD is rousting new thinking through storytelling
    SPREAD is a swirl of new fresh thinking packed inside an afternoon
    SPREAD is provoking new actions based on insights
    SPREAD is the tCL Community LIVECheck 2012 issue of SPREAD Talks here

Dress Code

  • Smart attire: *OK, we gave up on a black tie event despite Oxford traditions because of logistics and the modernity of the surroundings of Said Business School !
  • Semi-formal attire = business or slightly more casual dress – no tie required, but smart please!


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