Over the last four years the tCL learning community has been induced and provoked by a diverse cohort of presenters. Some have come from points around the world and others make the short trip from inside the tCL community to the front of the room. To all of them (and you) we say thank you and with these notes, pay humble respect to the contributions you have made to the Change Leaders and the world.

Rick Torseth, Programme Director
January 25th, 2013



September 2012 / Egrove Park


DSC05990Denis BOURGEOIS On the role of meaningful questions in personal transformation

Denis shows up frequently in the front of the room. What can be said about Denis that has not been said by many of us for years? How about that he’s sustained curiosity about the topic of change and in all its forms, keeps him interested and interesting to us. He is a role model for all of us. Keep coming back Denis.


Rafael RamirezDSC05997

Rafael remains a friend to us all but also a constant supporter of tCL as a learning community. He never turns us down when we request him to join us. He finds a way to live in the world of Oxford and HEC and also in our world of consulting on change. This straddle produces compelling discussions and he keeps us awake with his verbal challenges and questions. He is above all else a willing provider of new ideas and he does it with generosity.



Kate Cooper

Kate, who in the words of Rafael “Is rebuilding Birmingham, England” came to Egrove and reminded us what one committed person can achieve by being both amazingly curious and persistent. She is in fact making Birmingham a better place and she shared the ways she is doing that with us. She not so subtly challenged us to do the same.  Thanks Kate.




March 2012 / Paris


Ben Taylor & Dennis Vergne / Power & SystemsDSC05065

Ben & Dennis (CCC4) stormed into Paris with a one day version of Barry Oshry’s Power & Systems. When they were finished we all had a better appreciation of life as a Middle and the value of shoes. They were so well received that they are now part of CCC.


DSC05092Margaret Wheatley

Meg Wheatley joined us all day Saturday and part of Sunday morning. Meg has been hard at work bringing new ideas to the change agent community for many years. She didn’t come to tell us what a great job we are all doing and to keep it up. She came to give us her honest assessment of the world as she sees it. A view that is not all healthy and great. Yet a quiet baseline in her speaking and listening was a clear commitment to continuing the work in the swamp and her gladness to know that we are in there with her. That we are a community of practioners.



September 2011 / Egrove Park


IMG_0253Richard Olivier & Denis Bourgeois – Parzival and the Grail Legend

This was a packed Friday session. We know why. Olivier and Bourgeois brought along Mr. Shakespeare and his pal Parzival. And what a day it was for all. Thank you Richard for your consistent commitment to CCC/tCL. There is few peer learning spaces like the one you create with your Mythodrama.


DSC04643Art Kleiner

Art is the Editor of Strategy & Business magazine and he came to Egrove to deliver a programme titled “Emerging Trends in Change Management.” Hardly. He delivered a comprehensive lifeline for writing and publishing. His presentation in pdf form has been passed around the tCL community every month since that weekend in 2011. Art also remains an active contributor to the tCL LinkedIN group. He knows so much about the work of change and the people who have developed this sector that it seems likely we have not seen the last of Art at tCL. Not a bad nut graf eh?


Lars and DortheGayle Peterson, Jim Armstrong, Lars Thuesen and Dorthe Sorensen

We benefit from “our own” in every session. This gathering in Egrove was another example of that generosity of time and the contribution of expertise that marks us out as a true community. Each of these people shared their work, the logic of their thinking and the offer to share resources with the community. It is this mindset that makes us go around and up.


DSC04684Jane Zhang

Jane came to us by via Charles Bark. Jane is a unique contributor to tCL. She was our first China Voice presenter inside tCL. She helped us understand the evolution of China and what it might mean to us living outside that disruptive change agent country. And to say Jane engaged us with her presentation is to understate the potential of engaging.



March 2011 / Paris


test Mick 2011-03Walter McFarland, Fabienne Munch, Ghita Benkirane, Cecile Demailly & Mick Yates

This Paris gathering found us being fiscally responsible with our limited funds but rich with in-house expertise. Acknowledging the impact of the economy but not bowing to it, we called on ourselves to deliver new ideas, exercises and learnings. Our community of presenters delivered. And they were particularly good at provoking us. It could be because they know the soft spots.



September 2010 / Egrove Park


Rafael Ramirez, Trudi Lang and Jerry Ravetz

This was Rafael’s first visit to tCL and he brought friends. Really smart friends. Rafael, Trudi and Jerry reprised a bit of scenario planning; the framework that entices and engages. But you had to know that Rafael would not bring along the shy and the quiet. In Trudi and Jerry, we got great ideas, exercises and that wonderful ironic humor that gets us laugh as the insight dawns.


Dan Ballbach, Jane Lewis, Cecile Demailly and Mike Staresinic

A home grown afternoon that represented the diversity of our community: Stagnation and Conflict, Positive Deviance, Emerging Trends Impacting Organizations and a Zimbabwean Reflection. And some people think all we do is talk about the latest change model. Hah.



March 2010 / Paris


Denis Bourgeois, Richard Coe, Jacob Mayne and Patricia Shafer

Many people outside of the tCL community might have assumed that our meeting in the basement bunker of a Parisian hotel was a metaphor for our outlook on a world in the midst of a global recession. They would have been wrong. An accurate understanding would emerge with a review of our agenda topics: Ethics of a Change Agent, Appreciative Inquiry and the Extreme Future and the Change Agent’s Role. Clearly this is a group pushing the conversation on what it will take to be helpful to a world in flux. That is the one of the primary reasons for tCL; a community of learning and practice. Deeper yet, we are a community who cherishes the twice annual gatherings to reconnect with our friends and deepen our connections.



Practioner Research (every meeting) Elizabeth Howard



Elizabeth Howard has been our voice, advocate and space holder for the development of Practioner research, writing and publishing. These Friday afternoon meetings have been small but consistent containers for those in the community who are writing. The purpose is to keep the research and writing alive and serves as a place for support, help, editing and publishing. All that persistence paid off in September 2012 when the Change Leaders committed to writing a book. Thank you Elizabeth for keep the small flame tended until it sparked the fire.