Who are we? The Change Leaders is a formal community of change practitioners who completed the Consulting & Coaching for Change programme at Oxford & HEC/Paris, which leads to the executive masters degree from HEC.

We welcome you to join if you have completed this programme. Start by joining our ante-chamber on LinkedIn here!

Benefits of membership include:

1. Access to Conferences (conference fee required for each conference).

2. Access to the Members Space, with links to other members and detailed artefacts.

3. Ability to participate in tCL initiatives such as :-

To apply for membership (1&2) or renew (2):

You agree to the following conditions

  • You have completed the CCC program (with or without the Masters degree).
  • Become a member of The Change Leaders (COP), a company limited by guarantee subject to the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, for the current calendar year .
  • Pay to the company an amount of £1 (one pound Sterling) if the company is wound up while you are a member or for up to 12 months thereafter.
  • Comply with our Code of Ethics and Behaviour, for details of this code click here.

1. (If new member) Email your name, cohort and year to Membership Director Shekhar Pula on

2. Complete payment by clicking on the below PayPal link:

Choose your membership type, “Add to cart”; on the PayPal page that will appear click “Check out” (PayPal or Credit Card), pay and print your invoice.

Choose the appropriate option

  • New member : £ 75-00
  • Renewing      : £ 75-00

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