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Oxford 2016 conference

This year’s tCL Autumn conference takes place in Oxford,  from 23rd to 25th September 2016 at the Saïd Business School.

This time, we will be looking at understanding Influence, Power and Change.

Influence or power is a critical resource for every actor, be it in organizations or in society. Given the profound importance of power to individual functioning, it is essential to understand how some individuals acquire power when others do not, why some individuals retain their power once they have attained it, and why others fall from their lofty positions in spite of the political advantages power provides. Given the role of power in organizational and societal processes, it is important to understand how power changes and how power can inhibit or enable change.

The Oxford 2016 event on Influence, Power and Change will be an interactive event during which we will get a better understanding of the role of power and influence in change processes. We will work together in a co-creative manner, with the ambition to finalize our findings, ponderings and wonderings in a tCL whitepaper on Influence, Power and Change. This will be an experiment, to test if it is feasible and interesting to capture the content and discussion of the conference for internal and external people.

During the Oxford 2016 event we will explore how power is shifting, what the role of power in organizations is and how (personal) power develops. Also we will discuss the risks and responsibilities that come with power. We will work with excellent input from speakers, discuss with them and we will have help from facilitators.

The tCL white paper : This conference we will actively engage participants in delivering a white paper on Influence, Power and Change.


We’ll have three excellent and inspiring speakers, who will guide us towards a better understanding of power.


Phil Wall is a CCC graduate and the founder of WeSeeHope, a charity enabling  children isolated by poverty to create a better future. He and his organization use all  that’s in their power to empower local partners in Africa, who empower orphans  and  other vulnerable children living in extreme poverty in Southern and Eastern Africa.


StewartStewart Clegg is an Australian professor in the Organization Studies field and is the author and editor of over fortymonographs, textbooks, encyclopedia, and handbooks[2] including the Sage handbook of power (2009)[2] and Sage directions in organisation studies (2009).[3] Stewart’s research interests include organisation and management theory and the theory of power.


MartinMartin Hermann is a Physician by training. Between 1997 – 2011 he lead a global network of senior consultants, focusing on the design and implementation of complex change in multinational organisations. Since 2012 he focuses on implementing change in global health and development. In addition, he does research in developing methodologies for organizational change and leadership education using the paradigm of complexity (co-operation with Professor Douglas Griffin, Complexity Research Group, University Hertfordshire and Professor Richard T. Pascale).  One of the results of this research is Challenge X, an innovation in the field of leadership education. Another example is the Action Lab methodology. Action Labs are used to engage key players and executives in designing solutions to strategic organisational challenges in a timeboxed structure.

Next to these interesting two speakers we’ll have additional speakers and an interactive session on our views on Influence, Power and Change. In an un-conference on the theme of Influence, Power and Change we will explore together what we already know, what research we’ve done or read, what we’d like to know, what we encounter and what we’d like to develop in terms of Influence, Power and Change. This will be input for the white paper.The un-conference setting will be an experiment for our community of practice, to test whether this is a good way to share what knowledge is already within the group about the theme of our conference and to have more group discussion.

This event is organised by Thea Hazel-Stals and Tom Miller (Event Directors).

Thanks also to the many suggestions we received from tCL members.


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