By July 14, 2016

Oxford Saïd Business School Webinar: on July 25th 2016. Complexity and the Positive Deviance Approach as a driver for sustainable change

Are you experiencing wicked challenges and problems that keep you awake at night? And do you see problems that still resist solutions despite good and competent efforts to solve them? Well, just think of the current migration and refugee crisis, climate change, and radicalization. Well here is an interesting webinar for you. 

Meet, interact and discuss effective approaches to change with professor Keith Grint, who is a renowned change leadership expert, Lars Thuesen, who is a CCC alumni, a global change leader and expert in facilitating social change using the positive deviance approach, and Marc Thompson, who is the Consulting and Coaching for Change programme director.

During the webinar you will learn about the DNA of complexity and how leaders can think about and act effectively in dealing with change. You will also get insights in how to apply the positive deviance approach in your own practice and learn about case studies, where communities have applied the positive deviance approach and learned from solutions that already exist and work well, e.g. reducing malnutrition and hospital inquired infections (MRSA), improving lives of vulnerable citizens and teenagers, and crime reduction. Finally, you will have a unique opportunity get information about the upcoming Consulting and Coaching for Change programme from faculty members, an alumnus, and the programme director.

14:00 to 15:00, 25 Jul 2016 GMT

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Eamon Mulligan is a ‘C’ level executive and transformational leader with over 30 years of experience in financial services, telecoms, and education. His roles ranging from Chief Operating Officer and Group Head to director at global organisations such as Standard Chartered Bank and JP Morgan Chase. Throughout his career, Eamon has shaped and delivered significant transformation agendas in different organisations, in diverse markets, and with varying levels of organisational and environmental maturity. Eamon is currently a transformational change agent whose aim is to deliver his expertise to global financial institutions, consultancies, and universities on (i) transformation; (ii) technology & operations; and (iii) financial services.

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