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Paris 2017 conference “Leading Change in a Disruptive Sharing Economy”… Programme details

The Paris 2017 event on Leading change in a disruptive sharing economy will be an interactive event during which leading experts will share a wide diversity of experiences and insights, and engage attendees in a dialogue about the wider implications for society and the economy.

Visionary technologies and community concepts are reshaping business and personal lives. In tCL’s 2017 Paris conference we will explore these new phenomena, look at the historical perspective, and talk about the implications for leading change. Areas of focus will be:-

  • Emergent technology and technical innovation
  • New community trends, sharing and cooperation across boundaries in business and society
  • The human dimension of these phenomena
  • Implications for leading change

We will work together in a co-creative manner, with the opportunity to embrace a wide diversity of worldviews, engage in role plays, and contribute to the tCL SPREAD paper. The SPREAD paper will actively engage participants in documenting our insights and dialogues, and create new learning journeys for our community of practice.

Our Speakers : An interesting set of speakers will come and share their experiences and insights, and engage in a dialogue with us about the implications of the disruptive sharing economy :-

Louis-Xavier Leca: Founder and Project Manager Le Carillon
Today there are about 150,000 homeless people living on the streets of French cities, and this number is increasing.

“Le Carillon” arose from the inner conviction that everyone, by simple gestures, can contribute to improve the everyday life of the homeless. It is a network of friendly shopkeepers and individuals, always ready to offer a smile, consideration and free micro-services (reload a mobile phone, access toilets, warm a dish or a feeding-bottle in winter, or offer a glass of water) to those in need.

While “Le Carillon” is primarily to help the most deprived, we believe that it also has tremendous potential to unite the inhabitants of a district. In this respect, we attach huge importance to the visibility, stakeholder engagement, and collaborative action across a community. In essence we create a win-win model and a more humanitarian Paris.

Luc Yao, Head of Advanced Displays, Performance Materials, Merck KGaA
Merck is a long established global leader in the development of innovative display applications based on its strong advanced material development capabilities. Devices made possible by Merck’s Liquid Crystals – such as laptops, smartphones, and flat panel TVs – have redefined modern communications.

Together with its global partner network, Merck is disrupting old technology and generating new growth opportunities by fostering advanced freeform and holographic displays for the automotive, digital signage, and gaming industries.

A graduate of the Department of Management Science, NCTU, Luc has a Master of Business Administration from Manchester Business School, UK, and a Master of Science from HEC Paris and the Said Business School, Oxford University. Luc is based in Darmstadt Germany and is active in the display industry, related start‐ups, and the Open Innovation networks.

Dr. Joachim Kolling, innovation process and shared business model expert, associate lecturer at University of applied science, Munich
Dr. Kolling is an experienced and highly successful design and innovative thinking leader, and an expert in new forms of collaboration and creative processes. His diverse roles included leading BMW Group´s Advanced Design Studio, visualizing long range product planning and implementing new design processes, head of BMW’s project i´s innovation department, and setting up BMW´s car sharing Businesses.

Dr. Kolling will explore how industrial organizations influence and react on disruptive changes, with the essential learning that all stakeholders involved in the process have to benefit from the development. The session will give attendees the chance to role play different stakeholder roles, and to develop a common story.

Dr. Kolling has a PhD in in the field of Computer Simulated Human Behavior, lectures in Future Thinking and Innovation strategies at the University of applied Science in Munich, whilst also working as an independent consultant. He is currently Head of Energy Services
for BMW.

VizEat – local immersive food experiences with local hosts
On Friday evening we will plunge into the sharing economy: VizEat is a platform that matches home chefs with those enjoying home made food. In groups of 6-10 we will join a number of Parisien hosts who are willing to share their kitchen and food with us.

Kariappa Bheemaiah, head of research at U Change, research associate with
Cambridge University and visiting lecturer at ESCP London

A tech fan, news addict and data hound, Kariappa has had a varied career as a marine engineer, a legionnaire in the French Legion, and currently as a researcher, lecturer, author & consultant.

Kariappa has a wealth of experience across decision sciences, cross-disciplinary research on subjects that are influencing digital transformation, cognitive and complexity science, and emergent technology. He is a prolific publisher and blogger.

Mission focused and self-aware, his motto of adaptation is to read history, be conscious of what’s going on and design an environment that helps capture flashes of insight. He identifies himself as an expert questioning generalist, and restless learner.

Hanne Refsholt, CEO at TINE

The TINE Group is owned by a cooperative of Norwegian dairy farmers, and is a full-scale supplier of dairy products. Its business idea is to use clean and natural raw materials to produce tasty and healthy food. Tine aim’s to do this through close interaction between nature, agriculture, consumers, and trade.

The main objective of the cooperative is to provide its owners with the best possible price for their milk and to create an organisation with the power to evolve and adapt for the future. Tine’s focus is to get the right capabilities in place to make a highly professional performance in increasingly competitive markets.

Hanne has a Master in Food science and a Master in Business Administration, is a CCC graduate, and holds a number of board positions.

Francesca Pick – project manager, consultant and speaker on how tech can change business, society and human interaction

Francesca is a member of the entrepreneurial collective Enspiral and has played an instrumental role in developing OuiShare, an international think tank on emerging paradigms such as the collaborative economy, open source, decentralized organizations and zero waste societies. She graduated with a degree in Communication & Cultural Management with an award-winning bachelor thesis about “Building Trust in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces”. Francesca is an advocate for more collaboration, empathy and holistic thinking to address the challenges in our rapidly changing world. She helps teams that are working on meaningful projects increase their impact through collaboration and communication. She speaks about, but also experiments with new forms of distributed organization, governance and collaborative decision making, as well as the tools and behaviors needed to make them work.

Yuri Nakasato –  Chair of the Rheumatology department at Sanford Health in North Dakota, United States and CCC graduate cohort 14. 

Yuri has a background in Medicine (editor of a book in Geriatric Rheumatology) and training in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Rheumatology. He has a background of business administration, coaching and change management. He was the winner of the prestigious Bush Fellowship leadership award 2016. He is a 2016-2017 student of the coach certification program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio. He is interested in making health care around the world more efficient through optimisation, standardisation and simplicity. He is willing to help health care providers, mostly doctors, to better navigate the tumultuous world of change and find a better work-life balance, so that they can help the community get healthier through social innovation. He believes medicine and management can mix in sync, and documentaries about medicine with personal coaching are the best way to teach, learn and help talent medical professionals reach their potentials faster. He is the researcher, executive producer and actor of a video in Efficient Medicine distributed for public viewing in 2016. Dr. Nakasato is joining Oxford Change Associates LTD network.

Friday 28th morning- program starts at 8.30 hrs
Friday 28th evening – dinner organized with VizEat: local immersive food experiences with local hosts
Saturday 29th morning: program starts at 8.30 hrs
Saturday 29th evening – open, self-organize for dinner
Sunday 30th morning program starts at 8.30 hrs
Sunday 30th afternoon – program ends with lunch between 13.00 and 14.00 hrs

This year’s tCL Spring conference will take place in Paris from April 28th to 30th at the Maison Internationale, Cité Universitaire.

This event is organised by Thea Hazel-Stals and Tom Miller, assisted by Luc, Mason, Alexis and Franck.

For now – that’s all. Any questions? Send an email to Thea at or Tom at

Thea & Tom

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