The Change Leaders bring together key senior in-house change agents, consultants and executive coaches from private and public institutions as well as academics in more than 25 countries. Here is a current list* of our members ( this page is updated at intervals).

* some of our members wish not to be listed here

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First name Last name Profile Location Country Cohort Speciality
Jenny Howe Profile Toronto Canada 8 Change leadership-communication and influence-motivating and retaining top talent-resilience
Sylvie Dalode Profile Paris France 8 Business Advisor: Business Strategy-Project & Finance Structuration-Business Transformation-Leadership Development
Cyril Legrand Profile Bordeaux France 4 Developing leaders who will transform business for good
Nadia Gonzalez Profile Sao Paulo Brazil 12 Consulting and coaching for change
Hugo Marynissen Profile Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium 5 Distruptive change   Risk and crisis management
Tom Miller Profile Grapevine TX USA 5 Recognition and reward systems
Mitford Mundell Profile Stellenbosch South Africa 9 Mining
Martin Halblaub Profile Frankfurt Germany 12 Successful boards – shaping personal and organizational transformations at company and board level
Shekhar Pula Profile Amsterdam Netherlands 5 Transformation – Procurement-Business development-Public Speaking
Cyrille Comole-Theveniaud Profile Cagnes-sur-Mer France 12 Marketing and Transformations
Esmeralda Hemels Profile Nuenen Netherlands 12 Leadership development and executive coaching
Syed Hussain Naqvi Profile Dubai UAE 6 Electronics – technology – property – change
Stephanie Goble Profile Texas USA 12 Law-Strategic Planning-Leadership – Change Management
Katja Buerkle Profile London UK 12 Organisational change – People and culture change
Ben Ramalingam Profile Basel Switzerland 12 Pharmaceutical marketing
Sharon Wood Profile Hangzhou mainland China 4 Consultant
Kim Howard Profile Johannesburg South Africa 12 Gender / Identity
Ivo Godoi Junior Profile São Paulo Brazil 12 Strategy – Organization – Investments
Monika Luenzmann profile Hessen Germany 12 Finance
Kathy Redmond Profile Montagnola Switzerland 12 Non profits and healthcare
Paulo Henrique Figueira Todaro Profile Rio de Janeiro Brazil 12 Private Equity
Rowan Gillies Profile London UK 6 Global systems integration/Coaching-Consulting/Convening-Facilitation/Mediation etc
Eamon Mulligan Profile Singapore Singapore 12 Technology- Operations- End to end operating models- Digital
Calum Laurie Profile Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 11 Financial Management
Steve Johnson Profile London UK 1 Strategy – business transformation – lean six sigma
John O'Loan Profile Surrey UK 1 Media
Dawn Robertson Profile Providence RI United States 5 Executive Coaching & Strategy
Mike Staresinic Profile Pittsburgh USA 4 National change. Large scale complex change. Innovative cross-disciplinary change in democratic breakthrough
Eileen Lee Lavergne Profile Paris France 11 Collaborative innovation- change communication- executive communication and coaching- marketing strategy
Berit Daugaard-Freese Profile Copenhagen Denmark 2 Organisational and leadership development – change leadership
Ghita Benkirane Profile Sophia-Antipolis France 6 Creative and positive change management
Thea Hazel-Stals Profile Utrecht Netherlands 5 Corporate social responsibility- youth financial capability- social change- business improvement
Mason de Chochor Profile Geneva Switzerland 9 portfolio management and finance / stress relief and burnout recovery/ yoga
Morten Nielsen Profile Aarhus Denmark 11 Cultural change in mergers and acquisitions
Martin Thomas Profile Surrey UK 1 context-based performance measurement and change management
Alexis Kummetat Profile Paris France 10 Consultant- team's coach- facilitator
Anne Choquette Profile Lorraine- Quebec Canada 11 Executive coach
Cecile Demailly Profile Paris France 6 Consultant – disruptive organizational change – technology adoption
Deborah Jones Profile Leicester United Kingdom 3 Organisational culture and people change
Denis Bourgeois Labruguière France Faculty Meaningful work and ways to make it so
Dirk De Proost Profile Antwerp Belgium 10 Management consulting
Dirk Glienke Profile  Dortmund Germany 10 Organizational Development and Effectiveness
Elizabeth Howard Profile Hampstead Norreys United Kingdom Faculty Education
Felipe Paiva Profile Rio de Janeiro Brazil 5
Franck Jaeger Profile Paris France 11 Management Consulting
Gerardo Esquer Monterrey- Nuevo LEón Mexico 9 Family Business
Hanne Dorthe Soerensen Profile Copenhagen Denmark 5 Development of change leadership
Carla Hilber del Pozzo Profile Geneva Switzerland 5 Executive coach and consultant
J.Daniel Ballbach Profile Seattle- WA United States 4 strategic organizational change
Jacob Mayne Profile Paris France 1 Coaching in leadership- transformation- sustainability
Jane Lewis Profile Chichester- Sussex United Kingdom 2 Positive deviance
Jeff Pedde Profile Calgary Canada 2 Productivity Improvement
Julia Beck Profile Hamburg Germany 2 Julia Beck works with leaders to inspire change in organisations
Julie Mowinski Brussels Belgium 10 Multi-cultural- sales and marketing – information technology
Julien Troussier Profile Geneva Switzerland 10 Sustainability
Kit Lykketoft Profile Copenhagen Denmark 10 Public sector innovation
Lars Erik Thuesen Profile Copenhagen Denmark 4 organizational delevelopment- change management- strategy
Leslie Hilton Profile Denver- CO United States 1 Executive and team coaching- organization development
Lisa Francis-Jennings Profile Luxembourg Luxembourg 3 Management Consulting
Luc Yao Profile Frankfurt- Hessen Germany 10 Strategy- Leadership and Dynamic Changes
Margareta Barchan Profile Lausanne Switzerland 1 Strategy- Creating Stakeholder Value- CSR and Sustainability- Managing Change- Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics.
Mark Clark Profile Amman Jordan 9 Transformational change in people- communities- and organisations. Transformational change. Transformative Dialogue. Conflict Transformation. International Development.
Mick Yates Profile Doynton United Kingdom 1 Leadership Development and Customer First
Pablo Riera Profile Vigo Spain 7 Leadership development
Paul Govaart Profile Breda Netherlands 10 executive coaching- strategy consultancy
Philip Willatt Profile Lewes United Kingdom 9 Strategic planning- marketing effectiveness
Philip Jones Profile Canterbury United Kingdom 4 Organisational Development
Pierre Olivier Botteron Profile Zurich Switzerland 6 Human Resources- general management- change management- strategic planning
Rebecca Hill Profile London United Kingdom 4 Complex cross-border change approaches
Richard Torseth Profile Bainbridge Island- WA United States 4 Adaptive Leadership development
Roberto Saco Profile Miami- FL United States 2 strategic planning- service design- organizational change
Sachin Bhatt Profile Paris France 9 Change in InterGovernmental/International Organizations
Susan Goldsworthy Profile Denens- Vaud Switzerland 4 Executive Coaching- Leadership Development
Ute Bock Profile  Lugano-Tessin Switzerland 2 Risk Consulting
Wulf Schoenberg Profile Bonn Germany 6 Strategic organizational development- HR
Cesar Ulloa Profile Biel Switzerland 10 Change Management
Brian Evje Profile London United Kingdom 8 Aligning leadership strategy and culture
Frédéric Beziers Profile Paris – London France – UK 14 Innovation and Change Design