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Positive Deviance Global Conference “Past, present and future” – 1st – 3rd November 2016


Lars Thuesen from Consulting and Coaching for Change Cohort 4 is organizing the Positive Deviance Global Conference “Past, present and future”, from 1st to 3rd November 2016 in Copenhagen. Topping the bill are the internationally renowned professors: Richard Pascale from Stanford University and Keith Grint from Oxford University.

By attending this international conference on how to solve societal wicked challenges, you will have a unique opportunity to learn from their great insights into what it takes to lead and handle complex change processes successfully.

You will get answers on which supporting structures are necessary, inspiration into which leadership styles are the most effective, and where solutions to difficult challenges are to be found.

You will also be able to engage with them and get answers to some of your burning questions relating to your own change environment.

Dates: The conference will take place from 1st to 3rd November 2016 in Copenhagen, registration on 31st October.

The full conference on solving wicked societal challenges is from November 1st to 3rd. If you are interested in participating in the whole conference, then have a look at the full program and register here.

Learn more about the programme, and the IDA Meeting Centre and Kedelhallen venues by clicking here.

Registration is flexible – Registration is open for 1, 2 or the full 3 days, and donations are also accepted. You can register here.

Learn more about professor Richard Pascale here and Keith Grint here.

If you need further information, please email:


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