After having experienced Pecha Kucha sessions during two conferences, we decided to move to another exercise. It took us a few weeks to come up with a concept that is both modern, in terms of using what the technology of media can  provide – and consistent with our goals and mindset: pass ideas, shake minds, open windows of curiosity about change, help make the world better.

We came up with the concept of SPREAD Talks in Egrove Park (Oxford Saïd Business School), September 2012. Six tCL change agents from around the world presented their view of what the future wants (that was our conference’s theme) based on their work and their perspective. Each of our presenters had 18 minutes to tell their story. We ended the session with a plenary debrief of learnings, insights and dialogue.

The preparation was quite exciting and intense. We were lucky to have among our members a TV and Film expert, John O’Loan, who was instrumental in helping us with understanding the technology and do’s and don’ts of filming live events. Mick Yates, a long time TEDster, jumped in delivered useful advice at the beginning of the adventure. Then Mike Staresinic, with inexhaustible energy, helped put the ideas together and served a host for the session. Of course, nothing could have happened without Rick Torseth, who directed the whole conference.

Though we had very limited resources, you will appreciate the result as much as we did. Check the Video page here to see videos from Roberto Saco, Richard Coe, Mason de Chochor, Joanne Flinn and Tom Miller. Well done, tCL SPREAD gang.

Cecile Demailly, Co-Chair
January 2013