“New Eyes” PROJECT

Our first book, “New Eyes, the human side of change leadership” was published in September 2013.

Below a summary of Joanne Flinn, as the project was half way through, in February 2013.

We began with practice, then collaboration, and research – and that was just the CCC degree program. For many of us coming out of CCC, the application what we learnt, of new insights and of our research was a starting point to a new practice: that of the reflective practitioner.

Elizabeth Howard initiated Research Days as part of our tCL meetings in 2009. Many came to share and learn more … investigation, questions, writing and publishing. Art Kleiner, editor of Strategy+Business came and shared his journalistic writing process in September 2011.

We’d spoken of a book, of sharing what we’d taken and applied. What we’d learnt in the process of putting theory and research into reality. How it changed what we did and how we did it.

In September 2012, the Book Project was born. A team of 5, Robert Saco, Dorthe Sorensen, Slim Suliman, Mike Staresinic and Joanne Flinn as editor, supported by Julia Beck, Denis Bourgois, Elizabeth Howard, Rachel Amato and Dan Ballbach (his penance for volunteering Joanne as Editor).

The timeline:

  • September– plan the process, align as team. Decision: consider this an emergent project. The organizing structure: a caravan of journeys
  • October – call for abstracts… oh!!! 36 came in from our 77 members
  • November – read, decision … keep the book open for everyone to write, decide actual inclusion based on what gets produced
  • December & January: Many pens to paper, hairs torn and pages reviewed… articles are produced… shared and thoughts given. The value of additional perspectives. Also… to publish or to print, that is the question?
  • February: Articles keep coming in… a few extra days (and weeks)… Book proposal ready to take to publishers. Is this one book or two? Or more…?
  • March: Review articles, review structure, take to publisher, find editorial support, consider pictures and illustrations. Foreword from the Deans of HEC & Said (CCC program)
  • April: Share a pre-book with the tCL. Seek collaborations… the perfect people to write intros, vignettes, review book (for those wonderful comments on the back cover). Getting the word out… pre-orders
  • May: Working with publishing to refine articles and structure. Drop dead for Publish or Print…Social media… every change agent needs a copy
  • June: keep at it… editing, more editing, read, copy edit.
  • July: layout and review (a few more times)
  • August: print… then ship … Mega media…
  • September: CCC 10th Anniversary! Celebrate the Book Project… a global collaboration – Insight in the Year! 100,000 copies sold.

Ok… it would be fabulous!!!

Joanne Flinn, Book Project Leader
February 12th, 2013