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The Change Leaders, Paris 2018 Conference New Leadership

This year the overall theme for the tCL Paris conference is New Leadership and we’ve defined four excellent sessions, with speakers from within and outside of the tCL community willing to come and work with us in Friday and Saturday.

For the Sunday morning, we’re introducing a new concept, for knowledge sharing and community building for our community of practice.

Friday March 23rd
8.30 hrs Coffee
9.00 hrs Start of program
12.30 hrs Lunch
13.30 hrs Continuation of program
18.00 hrs End of program
Evening: self-organize for dinner

Friday will start with an opening session to share our first thoughts and questions on  the theme. After the two conference sessions, we’ll have time for the pitches for the Sunday morning program and for the open mic. Open mic is a space where anyone can share short announcements, ideas, books, conferences or questions. The evening is open, giving you the option to have dinner with your (cohort) friends.

Narrative Leadership in the Digital world – Ekaterina Matskevich
Ekaterina will share her dissertation research with us in an interactive workshop, looking at how stories influence leadership style and taking three different perspectives:

• Public narratives and fairy tales: how do they influence basic values?
• Religious stories and their impact on soft and hard power. And how does this
influence corporate culture.
• The future: with the rise of robots and artificial intelligence, leaders need to be able
to speak to the public and to customers. How can they go back to fairy tales to talk
about their purpose?

Organizational Leadership for the New Industrial Revolution – Rachel Amato and others
Rachel will share with us the literature research by her and some colleagues on the future of leadership in the current time, with increasing digitalization, use of robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things etc. They’ve tried to define the new leadership and have looked at implications for inner leadership, for outer leadership and at new ways of organizing. After introducing the insights from this literature
review, Rachel wants to work with us on developing new interventions to support leaders to take on these new roles, which then can be researched in the field.

Saturday March 24th
8.30 hrs Coffee
9.00 hrs Start of program
12.30 hrs Lunch
13.30 hrs Continuation of program
18.00 hrs End of program
19.30 hrs Dinner at La Coupole

Saturday will start with an opening session to reflect on the Friday program. After the two conference sessions and a wrap-up of the conference theme, there will be time for tCL’s annual general meeting.
In the evening you can join the conference dinner at La Coupole, a famous French brasserie where you may still feel the ghost of Hemingway and some of history’s other great leaders who used to frequent this beautiful art-deco restaurant, listed as historical heritage.

Leadership Agility: Developing Your Repertoire of Leadership Styles – Ron Meyer
Ron Meyer is Professor of Strategic Leadership at TIAS School for Business and Society in the Netherlands and Managing Director of the Centre for Strategy and Leadership. Together with a senior partner in Leadership, Transformation and Governance at Deloitte, he recently published a book called Leadership Agility. This book maps out ten sets of opposite leadership styles and gives the possibility of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both sides and identifying your own current preference. His workshop will consist of two parts:

• Introduction of the ten leadership styles that are part of Leadership Agility;
• Exercises to work with these different leadership styles.

Experiments and Experiences of Leadership at Generations For Peace – Mark Clark and Rick Torseth
Mark and Rick’s interactive share the leadership case of Generation for Peace, considering four “dimensions”:

• external/social/global: what leadership means in GFP’s mission – our effort to support leadership of social change to reduce violence and transform conflict in diverse contexts / adaptive leadership in complex social systems. What has GFP tried? What is GFP struggling with?
• organizational: challenges of leadership at different stages of the organizational
evolution and growth. What have they tried? What are they struggling with?
• personal: “behind the veil” what does leadership feel like amidst challenges. What
has Mark tried? What is he struggling with?
• coaching: the unique additional perspective Rick has, having worked with Mark
and the Senior Management Team, and also done a short leadership workshop
with all staff.

Sunday March 25th

9.00 hrs Coffee

9.30 hrs Start of program

12.30 hrs End of program

Sunday morning will provide the opportunity for our community of practice to self-organize into small groups and share practices, exchange opportunities or work together on research. The sessions will be announced before the conference and in the main program on Friday, there will be 2 minute pitches for each of the Sunday sessions. Depending on the number of people that are interested, the sessions will
be scheduled. One of the sessions will be a facilitated discussion on additional needs within tCL.

Dialogue of Discovery: Agility for Organizational Change – Cécile Demailly and Dennis Vergne

Cécile recently joined the emergent French branch of AGILEmaker, a pan-european consultancy specialized in organizational transformation, with more than 90 senior consultants. AGILEmaker’s motto is to « re-enchant performance » in organisations.

Dennis founded Basis, a consultancy working with UK public services, and has been using Agile since 2001 for service design (beyond IT!),  as an approach to tackle messy problems.  They will share insights on how their consultancies use Agility for organisational transformation and help individuals, teams and systems to « be » Agile, beyond just « do » Agile. The session will be a dialogue with the audience rather than a presentation – i.e. an Agile session, stimulating collective intelligence and collaborative learning. It’s Sunday morning so this will be an energetic session including practical cases (incl. real organisation “Buurtzorg »).

Would you also like to host a session, or have other questions about the conference? Please send an email with a title and a short description of your session (approx. 100 words), or your question to and/or

Please note the conference is open only to tCL members. For information about membership, please contact Shekhar Pula <>.

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