Oxford SPREAD Talks 2015: Building Bridges to Change

Mark Clark – Forget ‘Getting to Yes’ Practices of Transformative Dialogue
Esmeralda Hemels – Developing Leadership Teams – Where the Magic Happens
Dennis Vergne – Stop Trying to get Buy-in
Lisa Francis-Jennings – The Subtle Perspectives of Resistance

Oxford SPREAD Talks 2014: Storytelling Change

Thea Hazel-Stals – Developing healthy financial behaviours in young people
Mark Clark – “Camp K. When A to Z doesn’t work. Systems thinking for adaptive change”
Lars Thuesen – Co–creating solutions in our welfare societies
Tom Miller – Transforming the city of Dallas, Texas with inclusion
Mike Staresinic –  “Get Vision Back”
Martin Thomas –  “How much represents enough?”

Oxford SPREAD Talks 2013 : Exploding Organizations

Sharon Wood – Xi Jinping and A New China
Mason de Chochor – Swiss Private Banking Falls Down
Tom Miller – Symbols as Human Connectors
Martin Thomas – Beyond the Midas Touch
Cécile Demailly – The Mathematics of Change
Rick Torseth – Wrap-up and summary of 2013 SPREAD Talks

Oxford SPREAD Talks 2012 : What does the Future Want?

Roberto Saco – Multiplicity of Time
Richard Coe – Unloading Leadership
Mason de Chochor – The world of Finance: change the system? Change the players?
Joanne Flinn – Infinite Possibilities
Tom Miller – A Common Language for the Future

Paris 2012

Jane Lewis – Pecha Kucha
Judith Campbell – Somalia, North Korea, Iraq and What Works
Cecile Demailly – Prosperity without Growth