By May 3, 2015

Joint webinar with Oxford Saïd Business School and HEC on May 14th 2015

How do managers find new knowledge? What is the role of change agents in helping clients to learn and achieve their strategic objectives?

What is useful knowledge and how do managers find it when they need it? What is the process of transposing codified knowledge into experience based practice? Do change consultants and coaches act as translators? In this webinar Professor Sue Dopson will talk about her new research on how managers look for and use new knowledge in their decision making. In addition our members Leslie Hilton and John Freeman will talk about their own experience, from the point of view of the HR Director, the coach or the consultant, and discuss what they make of the research. They will talk about their own experience of learning as well as their own coaching and consulting, and join in a general discussion with Professor Sue Dopson. We welcome you to join the discussion!

14th May at 12:00pm GMT

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