tCL online engine

The first phase of tCL’s new online engine has just been released.

This initial upgrade provides key improvements in process, event management, and active engagement functionality. We have focused on structure, automation, ease of information retrieval, and seamless process execution.

We have enhanced the overall communications and engagement features and introduced some experimental interactive cafes in the form of business opportunities, events, publications,  tCL governance, tools and case studies.

In line with our policy of active member consultation we welcome your ongoing input to shape further upgrades this platform.

Future direction and improvements

The below topics are illustrative, rather than an exhaustive list of what we could evolve.

  • Interactive cafes

    Upgrading the current forum to include private discussion groups and even customer relationship management style functionality.

  • Member profiles

    Enriching the member information to provide more detailed professional profiles skills and knowledge profiles.

  • Public facing functionality

    Opening out the platform to allow greater engagement of the public, in such areas as contributing to discussions in knowledge cafes, posting a commercial need or project.

A call to action

We are interested in co-creating this platform with you. Please use the contact form below to give your feedback and ideas as to how we should prioritise and move forward.